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direct use parts

Turning design iterations into products within days using 3D printing

Rapid Prototyping

complexity comes free when 3d printing


small batch sizes at no additional cost



Digital dentistry - 3D printed models, clear aligners & more

Castable jewelry patterns, silicone molds & more


scaled down presentation Models 

About Thirdinrev

We are 'The Makers' who offer the quickest path in turning your ideas into objects with Additive Manufacturing.

Packed with the goodness of timeliness, accuracy, and affordability, we always provide the best quality to make your final product legendary.  

We started servicing industries with 3D Printing in Gujarat due to high demand for R & D in Industrial sectors and taking that experience further we are now proudly able to serve technology requirements of 3D Printing in India and worldwide.

'Can I 3D Print this?' Ideas will be converted into objects at lightning speed starting from a sketch to the final product.

Start your experience of complete 3D Printing solution with Thirdinrev. 

Recent 3D Prints
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