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3D Models & Clear Aligners


Clear Aligners are the future of Orthodontic treatments.

Thirdinrev Global provides extensive support to Independent Clinics, Dental Laboratories & Clear Aligner Manufacturers to implement digital dentistry for Orthodontic treatments.

3D Printing + Dentistry

Thirdinrev Global has just launched its white-label manufacturing service for 3D Printed models and clear aligners in the name of Quiteclear (A sub-brand of Thirdinrev Global). Our clients can scale their business by outsourcing their production needs to us while saving on high investment and operating costs. Orthodontists all over the world have applied their know-how and partnered with 3D Printing companies like Quiteclear to offer Clear Aligners treatments that provide benefits of reduced production and skilled labor hassle, lower upfront lab cost, quicker turnaround, price benefits, excellent quality, and increased scope of expansion.

Quiteclear is best suited for clients looking for a fast, reliable, and seamless white label manufacturing partner. Selecting us as a printing partner will enable you to lower the price of your clear aligner treatment significantly while having full control over the treatment.

Services Offered:


1) 3D Printed dental models needed to thermoform Clear Aligners. 


2) Thermoformed Clear Aligners manufactured in thermoplastic of client's choice.

Now is the time you can confidently integrate Digital Dentistry into your practice with a reliable printing partner like us. We have valuable 3D Printing experience and thereby have launched a revolutionary way to 3D Print models that are accurate and economical.

What do we need from you?

  • Planned STL files

Message us if you require treatment planning.


Our deliverables

  • 3D Printed Models

  • Thermoformed Clear Aligners trimmed as per requirement:

    • Straight

    • Semi-Scalloped


Other Applications we 3D Print:

Surgical Guides | Prosthodontic Models for Fitment | Castable Patterns | Hawley Retainers | Digital Dentures | Temporary crown & bridges

Advantages of having a 3D Printing Partners like us:

  • Price Benefit: Pay per model pricing structure reduces your investment which would rather be used elsewhere such as for marketing and expansion instead of costly professional-grade machinery and constant need to upgrade.

  • Small Batches: Order sets of 6-8 models/aligners at a time. This will reduce the cost you pay upfront at the same time keep track and adjustments on your treatment plan as it progresses. 

  • Skilled Employee: Removes the need for dedicated designers to fix files and make them 3D Printable after the planning stage, skilled machine operators to carry out production and messy post-processing on expensive machinery, and maintenance technician to handle breakdowns, skilled employees to thermoform, trim and post-process clear aligners.

  • Inventory: No hassle of sourcing machine-specific materials which are subject to availability and comes with an expiry date.

  • Production: With a growing business, the production and machinery breakdowns can cause added stress. Why not outsource the stress to us.

  • Quality: Multi-stage quality control.

  • Time: Integrated workflow ensures the dispatch of models rapidly to meet the required turnaround time.

  • Capacity: Make expansion plans without worrying about your production capacity, we have got the 3D printing end covered.

  • Lab Cost: No gigantic upfront lab cost. 

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