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Engineering Prototype

Design Engineers

3D Printing assists in Rapid Prototyping enclosures for newly developed electronic gadgets. Materials available for 3D Printing can withstand high temperature, provide high-quality surface finish, maintain high accuracy and also be transparent and flexible.

3D Printed Medical Prototype

Product designers

Existing or new product innovations require various parameters to be considered while making the product market ready. Read more on how 3D Printing helps a Product Designer perform their job efficiently.

3D Printed Architectural Model

Display Models

3D Printing gives Designers the freedom to explore fluid, complex shapes and structures. A model can express ideas elaborately and strikingly realistically as compared to computer visualization.

Low Volume Production Batch using 3D Printing

Low Volume


3D Printing now permits injection molds to be directly printed or assists in the process of making silicon molds for low volume production. Introduction of this technology to substitute traditional process eliminates high cost associated to manufacture a mold for those object that are required less than 500 in quantity.

3D Printed Medical Device Prototype


Applications of Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing in the field of Medicine improves the quality of healthcare provided by a medical practitioner. Click on the 'Know More' button below for more information.

knife (2).jpg

Prop Models

The best part about 3D Printing is customization and low volume production.

Castable resin jewelry


Customization is the key when it comes to jewelry. Whether it be a piece of jewelry for oneself or a gift for someone, it is always preferred to own/gift something unique or personalized. 3D Printing is the answer for all things personalized.

3D Printed Logogical

Rapid Personalization

Personalization at a faster rate without extra cost for tooling is what 3D Printing offers in the present and the future.

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