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3D Printed Logo: Logo-gical

Can you make me a pen stand integrating it with my company's logo?, asked a client. It was the first of its kind inquiry. We said, why not! This is what we created in a day:

Utility: Phone, Pen, Smart Watch, Business Card Holder

The first one brought in more inquiries with a common requirement of integration of their logo. The difference among all clients was their logo's (obviously) and their utility requirement for the customized 3D Printed Logo-gical. It usually included a stand for one or more of the following: Pen/pencil, phone stand, business cards, stapler, headphones, smartwatch, napkin & menu-card.

Utility: Phone, Pen, Business Card Holder

Utility: Stapler, Pen, Business Card Holder

Utility: Phone, Pen, Business Card Holder

Utility: Phone, Pen, Business Card Holder

Utility: Pen, Business Card Holder + Audio Amplifier integrated with the Phone Stand

Utility: Napkins, Menu &, Business Card Holder

Utility: Business Card Holder

Using 3D Printing technology, we design and 3D Print the Logogicals to cater to a niche market for customized objects. The biggest advantage of owning a logo-gical is its uniqueness.

Great for corporate gifting or just gifting otherwise, the logo-gicals are bound to stand out on your desk or point of sale counter and create and impact on the onlooker as well as keep your work-space clutter-free and organised

Reach us out at | +91 990 997 3333 for 3D Printing your first Logo-gical.


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