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3D Printing Company ties-up with Orthodontists to Straighten teeth

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

3D Printed Orthodontic Model for making Clear Aligners

Invisible braces are highly popular for how discreetly they work in straightening a patients teeth compared to traditional metal or ceramic braces. Orthodontists lately have been receiving an increasing demand for such treatment modes since alternatives are available and successfully implemented.

Initially the cost was too high but due to advent of 3D Printing technology and increasing adaptation of Doctors to Digital Dentistry, Clear Aligner treatments are more affordable than ever before.

Thirdinrev, a 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing company has worked with numerous Orthodontics and Implant Specialist to develop an unique and advanced technique that enables the production of Orthodontic Models at a competitive rate.

Such 3D Printing techniques are used for making Clear Thermoformed Aligners, Night guards and Bite Splints.

Proudly serving Dental Labs and Dentists directly across north and western India, our current turnover of models is approximately 900 - 1000 per month and still possess a capacity to handle larger volumes. We can print at an accuracy of 25-100 microns.

Why 3D Print with a printing service?

The 3D Printers are not as simple to operate like our paper printers.

Firstly, there are digital files that have to be cleaned and repaired to make them 3D Printable.

Specialized highly priced software are required for the same along with skilled designers to operate such software.

Secondly, printing for dental and medical purposes require high precision 3D Printing equipment, which are expensive. Owning and operating these 3D printers require skilled handlers for daily use, repairs and maintenance. Material storage and handling knowledge is also of high importance.

Lastly, a specialized controlled environment is required to store and operate the machinery and its materials since they are very sensitive to external factors such as heat, light, dust etc.

Whereas, a 3D Printing service specializes in all of the above along-with handling larger volumes making it economical for them to own high cost printers.

The Scanning Process:

The dentist uses an intra-oral scanner equipment scans a digital file of the patient's maxillary and mandibular jaw (Top and Bottom Jaw) or a desktop scanner scans an impression. 

The Correction Planning:

The dentist plans the dental corrections using Orthodontic tooth movement simulation software or outsources the planning process (Online planning services are readily available). Multiple planned files for each case are emailed to us in a digital .STL file format via e-mail or online platform.

The Printing Process:

Once the files are received, we at Thirdinrev, repair and make the files 3D Printable to produce accurate models trays. The 3D printed trays are then delivered to the dental labs and Dentists within 24-36 Hours of receiving the files.

Once the models are received by the dental labs or Dentists, a Thermoforming process on the models will give them accurate clear aligners which are ready to be placed in to the patient's mouth for treatment.

Clear Aligners made using 3D Printed Model

Head-start your entry into Digital Dentistry by contacting us at or call on +91 990 997 3333. Visit us at


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