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Print Me a Chair

Its frustrating when you have a concept in your mind but fail to express it in words. What do you do then? Often sketches or models are relied upon.

A client of ours, Anushri Patel, a budding Architect from Ahmedabad, had designed a chair using her imagination using a CAD (Computer Aided Design) software.

A 3D Printed scaled down version for her digital file was produce.

Post delivery, the client used the prototype model to demonstrate the idea she had about the chair to the craftsmen.

The resulting chair is a magnificent mixture between color & style. Do check out her website for more of her luxurious furniture collection.

This story is a perfect example of what models and prototypes can do to promote ideas and products to the market within a short time. The beauty of 3D Printing technology is that it promotes Artists/Designers to design complex free-form structures and shapes.

The designing process requires multiple design iterations throughout the process. Prototyping and modeling speeds up the acceptance of a product along with realizing the viability of a design/idea.

Do reach us out if you have an idea sitting in your mind gathering dust. We would love to start 3D Printing for you.

Contact us at | +91 990 997 3333.


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