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The 3D Printing Process

Easy! The best word to describe how it is to 3D Print with Thirdinrev.

First, you develop an idea for a product (if you are an engineer or a product designer), a building (if you are an Architect), a project (if you are a student) or just anything if you are an innovator.

Next you can either digitally design the idea in a CAD software like Solidworks, Rhino 3D, Meshmixer or a bunch of similar software's. Alternatively, you can send us a design brief and we can do the designing part for you.

Further on we recommend the material and technology to be used for 3D Printing depending on the complexity and the final use of the object.

Once the object is 3D Printed, it is post processed and shipped to you. With minimum effort and worry on your end, Thirdinrev provides complete 3D Printing | Additive Manufacturing Services.

Checkout the process on our website for an illustrative.

Reach us at | +91 990 997 3333 to know more about 3D Printing and how to get started.

Happy 3D Printing to you!


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